Saturday, February 20, 2010

(CC) Ron Paul: "Barack Obama has neutralized the Anti-War Left"

In Mid-September of 2009, Time Magazine did an on-line interview with Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas). In the interview, Paul makes the comment that "Obama has neutralized the Anti-War Left" and gives matter-of-fact responses to questions about conspiracy theories, the legalization of marijuana, and his hotel room encounter with Sasha Baron Cohen in "Bruno" amongst other topics. This video is a captioned YouTube update of a video already subtitled within this blog.

(CC) Ron Paul's Words of Warning From 1983 and later

Below is the captioned YouTube version of a classic video that is already subtitled within this blog, "Ron Paul's History of Being Honest".

(CC) In October of 2002, Ron Paul Explains His Opposition To Iraq War

"Wise man see. Fools Rush in" is the name of the title of the video I downloaded and uploaded back onto this account. It is a fitting title, because this video features an interview of Ron Paul with PBS's Bill Moyers about the upcoming Iraq war. The interview took place in October of 2002, shortly before the U.S. launched operations against Iraq.

Paul to Romney: "Read the Constitution!"

"Chris Matthews asks the GOP candidates an easy question: Does Congress need to authorize a strategic attack on Iran? When Mitt Romney says that he would have to consult his lawyers (the same disturbing answer he gave to a question about detaining American citizens without charge or trial), Ron Paul goes off and gets a strong round of applause".

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ron Paul's State of the Republic Speech

In a series of three videos totaling 20 minutes, Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) discusses foreign and domestic policy in the United States, and offers suggestions on how Americans and politicians in D.C. can get our country back on track.

This speech was filmed in late January of 2010, and the transcript was obtained from the Campaign For Liberty (C4L) website. The only reason it's in three parts is because I don't have a master YouTube account.