Saturday, October 3, 2009

(CC) Stephen Baldwin and Ron Paul debate the legalization of Marijuana

On the Larry King Show, guest host Joy Behar (from "The View") moderates a debate between actor Stephen Baldwin and Ron Paul regarding the topic of whether Marijuana should be legalized. I did not do these subtitles, but found them when doing a routine search. There are closed captions embedded within the video, but the captions lag a good three seconds behind the actual dialogue. The subtitles do a much better job of real-time captioning, so I was pleased to see this video being subbed. For those who sub videos, please note that it is often a good idea to identify who the speaker is to avoid confusion, but for this particular video, it was rather easy to identify who was speaking at which time. The only thing not effectively subbed was when guests talked over each other (you could view the captions on the top of the screen to see what was said during those brief moments).

In this video clip, Paul takes the position of supporting the legalization of marijuana, and makes some very convincing arguments. Stephen Baldwin has very little of substance to say in the debate, and his facial expressions indicate that he knows Paul is making a lot of sense with his arguments against prohibition.