Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Top Five Videos of the Last Two Years

First off, I want to thank DeafRead.com for adding my posts to their website, and I'd like to welcome newcomers who may not have seen my blog before. To those unfamilar with the mission of this blog, I thought it would be best for me to express where my three biggest concerns are from a political perspective: our foreign policies, our fiscal policies, and our civil liberties. I think these are things that folks on the "left" and the "right" can both agree on, albeit in varying degrees. I have tried my best to make this blog more user-friendly by adding an index of various topics of interest, and I hope this will help the reader find videos on particular areas they are interested in.

There are a large number of captioned and subtitled videos featured on this website. Some of them were made by me (with the help of transcripts found online). Some were made by supporters of Ron Paul. Some were pulled from Youtube, Overstream, and DotSub that other people did. Since this is post #151 for this blog (Never thought it would get this far when I started this in October of 2007), I thought I'd select my favorite 5 videos featured within this blog. Some talk about the economy. Others talk about the wars. All feature certain clips that are dear to my heart, although I may not agree 100% with every single thing found within these clips. I know there will be some of you that may not and will not either, but I am hopeful you will keep an open mind and perhaps question or re-visit some long held beliefs you may have. Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you will come back.

And now, the countdown! Drum roll, people!

#5 - "War and Lies! (Featuring Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul)":

#4 - "A Recent History of the U.S. Economy":

#3 - "Mainstream Media Bias against Ron Paul":

#2 - "Stop Dreaming":

#1 - "Is This Reality, Or Is This Just A Bad Dream?":