Sunday, September 6, 2009

George Carlin on who really controls America

In what may be George Carlin's greatest moment, he talks about who REALLY controls America. In this piece, he addresses the terrible quality of education in this country, the fact that the mainstream media is owned by the special interests who control what we see and hear, and he talks about much more. Is it not possible that this is all by design?

When Bush 43 was President, half the people in this country were saying CNN and MSNBC were speaking truth to power and Fox News was full of propoganda. Now, with Obama as President, the other half are saying CNN and MSNBC are full of propoganda and that Fox News is speaking truth to power. The same people who said "love it or leave it (the country)" to the "opposite side of the aisle" are now being told "love it or leave it" by those very same members they ridiculed only a few years ago.

The same people that blasted Bush for his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now saying we have to be in Afghanistan. The same people who objected against 1,000 page bills such as the Patriot Act being rammed through congress are now the ones ramming 1,000 page bills such as Cap and Trade through congress with 300-page amendments added in the wee hours before the vote.

The same people blasting those that criticized Bush 43 during wartime conditions as being unpatriotic are now saying dissent is the highest form of patriotism. And vice versa. Why can't the majority of people figure out that we're ALL being played like a fiddle by the special interests and the mainstream media?

We're just taking up the media's talking points and running wild with them, engaging in histrionics and finger-pointing. And the American people lose every single time, while the special interests keep getting richer and richer. It's all by design.

The sooner the American people realize that the candidates being blacked out by the mainstream media during the election cycle and/or being smeared as "longshot fringe candidates" (such as Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich) are the ones who are truly out for our best interests, the better off this country will become.