Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ron Paul Opposes $96.7 Billion War Spending & Pandemic Flu Supplemental Bill (5/14/2009)

Below is an excerpt from Ron Paul's speech on 5/14/2009 opposing the supplemental bill that passed earlier that day. Video footage following the excerpt.

"So when will it ever end? We can’t even define the enemy, who exactly is the enemy over there? Is it the Al Qaida, the Taliban, is it the government of Pakistan? If you can’t define the enemy, how do you know when the war is over? If you’re in war, which we are - how can this be anything other than war - when was this war declared?

They say, “Oh well, we got this authority five or ten years ago, who knows when”. Perpetual war, this is what we’re involved in. Perpetual spending. And then we say, “Well we have to do that to be safe”. That is what is preposterous. It’s the very policy that makes us unsafe. We pursue this policy and the more we do the less safe we are."