Friday, January 11, 2008

1988 Ron Paul Returns!

The 1988 version of Ron Paul returns! The below clips are from the South Carolina GOP Debate that took place last night. This was a great debate that heavily featured Ron Paul, as the other candidates tried to attack him or ridicule him, which allowed him airtime to respond to them.

In what is likely to be his most memorable and eloquent answer ever, Ron Paul is asked by Carl Cameron of Fox News whether he is electable:

Ron on Immigration:

Ron on the Economy:

Ron on Israel:

Ron on Iran:

Carl Cameron asks Ron Paul about 9-11 Truthers after asking every other candidate a question about Conservatism:

Fox was horrible to Ron all night, but they seem to be shooting themselves in the foot, because everything they do ends up getting him more support from people viewing in around the country. He even won the Fox News text poll with 35% of the vote (3.5 million people watched the debate), so they stopped showing the poll.