Friday, November 23, 2007

Soliders on Ron Paul

Here is another video made by Mercald. The first and last two minutes of this video are captioned, and the rest is mainly consisting of images. Some of the images may be too disturbing, so caution is advised in regard to whether you choose to watch this video or not.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ron Paul Freedom Rally Footage - Clearwater, Florida

I wish I was more savvy with video editing, but this will have to do until then. Below is footage of the Ron Paul Road Rally/Freedom Rally, which took place in Coachman Park, Clearwater, Florida, on Saturday, November 17, 2007. The idea behind this state-wide grassroots event was for supporters to start from various points all over Florida, and decorate their cars to advertise Ron's name on the highways. As groups got closer and closer to Clearwater, the sign wavings that they made along the scheduled stops got bigger and bigger. At the rally itself, 250 to 350 people attended. Some pictures of the event can be found here, and here.

On the highways getting there, we got a lot of thumbs up from passing drivers, a few blank stares, and one or two incredulous head shakes from folks who seemed to be thinking "wow, these Ron Paul supporters are serious about this thing!". On the way back from the rally, it was great seeing another car also decked out in similar style as mine.

I am told by a friend that signs for Ron Paul are everywhere on Old St. Augustine Road and parts of US 1 in NE Florida. Another person told me she saw Ron Paul signs from Florida all the way to Louisiana on the highways. Great job, everybody! The name recognition is improving day by day.

Michigan and Ohio State for Ron Paul (Video)

No subtitles here, but I wanted to post this video anyway. Incredible footage below:

Republican Straw Poll Results (Video)

Courtesy of RonPaulWinz