Saturday, October 27, 2007

An article on DotSub

A majority of the subtitled videos that are embedded in this blog came from DotSub, a very innovative website that allows users such as myself and other Ron Paul supporters to subtitle them. It also allows for the videos to be translated into various other languages. I saw an article that I wanted to share with you that covers the success of this site, and gives us a glimpse as to what the future holds for us in terms of worldwide accessibility to information.

PBS Interview with Judy Woodruff (October 12, 2007)

This video is 15 to 20 minutes long. PBS's Judy Woodruff does a great job here, allowing Dr. Paul to clarify his positions on many issues such as gun control, abortion, the income tax, and smaller government. Part 2 starts at O:58 into the video.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ron Paul on Tucker Carlson - 10/10/2007

Ron Paul on the Tucker Carlson Show on MSNBC. This clip aired on 10/10/2007. FYI - Tucker voted for Ron Paul way back in 1988. The video itself came courtesy of OptionsMonster.

Video of Ron Paul announcing he is running for President

This video is the very first video I have personally subtitled, so it is with great pride that I am posting this blog entry. Dr. Paul announced he was forming "a presidential exploratory committee, as a preliminary step to becoming a candidate in the Republican primary for the 2008 election". This video address was made on February 19, 2007. I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Project Read On

When I first started learning more about Dr. Ron Paul, I was frustrated that virtually the only way to see videos about him was via youtube, which is not very accessible to me because very few videos are captioned or subtitled. A few weeks after discussions with supporters on Facebook and RonPaulForums, I was thrilled when the first subtitled video emerged, which was "When in the Course of Human Events" by Aravoth. I posted it on several Facebook groups that were deaf-themed, such as Deaf Professional Happy Hour and American Sign Language groups. Shortly after I did this, I became frustrated by the fact that nobody seemed to be responding to the video and the message within the video, so I went about in creating this blog so that there would be a place for all RP subtitled and captioned videos to be viewed at.

I really did not hear anything from anybody on Facebook, except for two individuals who felt that it was not appropriate for me to post the videos in those forums. One person in particular asked me why I had not worked on having such videos captioned for other candidates running to become the 44th President of the United States. My response was that I did not support those candidates, and that all of the work being done by hearing Ron Paul Supporters was done for free on their own without any compensation for their efforts. I was not about to go ask these kind folks to begin captioning Hillary or Obama videos for those who wanted them, but at the same time, if anyone out there was motivated to do such a thing, more power to them! It is my hope that by the 2012 or 2016 Presidential Campaigns, accessibility will be even better for deaf and hard of hearing folks, so that they can make informed decisions about who they believe to be the best candidates to vote for.

Thanks to John from Tampa, Florida, I just learned about this website called Project Read On. The website works by having two windows, one for the actual video, and one for the subtitled content that can be viewed in real-time simultaneously with the video. This is an amazing site, and for Hillary and Obama fans, this site has plenty of videos. I promise you, however, that I am going to try and get more Ron Paul videos on this site as well. Expect no less. Competition for increased subtitled videos amongst candidates can only be a good thing for the deaf community, not a bad thing, and I am hopeful that supporters from every campaign will take advantage of sites like Project Read On and Dotsub to improve accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing voters across the country.

Currently, Project Read On's site has 4 RP videos, and they are:

- Ron Paul s first video announcing his candidacy
- Flying Under the Radar: Ron Paul for President
- Congressman Ron Paul at the GOP Presidential Debate
- Ron Paul on Tucker Carlson on 6/6/07.

Because they are already transcribed, it will be a cinch for me to use the google video .srt function and embed the subtitles onto the video to make it more viewer friendly. Once I get all four of those videos done, I will embed them onto this blog for all of you to enjoy. In the meantime, feel free to check out Project Read On to see what they already have.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Yesterday's Debate

The debate last night got my blood boiling, but RP hit grand slams on every pitch thrown his way, and won the text poll afterwards. His exchange with Sean Hannity was classic, and Hannity had to admit that either his poll was no good or that Ron was the winner. The following day, none of the major media outlets have mentioned a WORD of Ron Paul having won the Fox News debate, or even talked about him at all. Hmmm. MSNBC did post something on their First Read Blog, but it was a one paragraph blurb reporting that Paul was booed twice. The comments that follow the blurb go on and on, page after page. I hope you will read those comments to see the passion that these people have and understand that there is a sense of solidarity amongst Ron Paul supporters that is impossible to describe. Once you take the red pill, you never go back to seeing things the same way again.

At last count, there were 247 comments. If one looks at all of these comments, it seems like 95% of them are pro-Ron Paul. Some of my favorites included these gems:

"The booing reflects ignorance. Really, who wants to police the world? Who wants to spend billions overseas when we can spend that money here? Who still believes that Iraq has WMD and works with Al-Qaeda? We need to think logically and not emotionally. Ron Paul speaks the truth and the rational truth. For those who boo truth, that scares me... Vote Ron Paul 2008"

"Reading the posts, people aren't falling for the propaganda. America is waking up, and America loves Ron Paul. Grassroots all the way to the White House!"

"It is a sign of pure genius to get an audience to both boo and applaud at the same time. Revolutions are always met with this kind of reaction".

I've seen a few great quotes lately. One in particular that stands out is "Dr. Ron Paul cured my apathy!". That would apply to me, and probably many others like me reading this blog. I know people feel numbed down and defeated by this whole political process, but I have seen firsthand how amazing the Ron Paul Revolution is. This is already the greatest grassroots movement in US history, and when we're done, RP will be the 44'th President of the United States.

Here is awesome interactive video of yesterday's debate, where you can view the video and read the transcripts that scroll in sync with the video (thanks to the LRC blog).

Below are the times that Dr. Paul speaks:

15:30 - 17:30 - Ron Paul on gay marriage issues.

29:45 - 31:00 - Ron Paul on health care issues.

53:45- 55:30 - Ron Paul asked about differences between him and Senator Clinton on Iraq.

77:20 - 78:20 - Ron Paul on foreign policy issues.

80:00 - 81:45 - Ron Paul asked about whether the Republican party has lost its' way

Sunday, October 21, 2007

TONIGHT! Fox News GOP Debate - 8 PM to 9:30 PM

Edited to add:

BREAKING NEWS - "Newsweek Predicts Paul Could Create a Stunning Upset in New Hampshire:"Mainstream candidates from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney have good reason to watch him"

Tonight, in Orlando, Florida, the GOP Debate will take place. Fox News will be airing it live from 8 PM to 9:30 PM. Check it out! Here is a cool article in the Orlando Sentinel that talks about a drinking game for the debate tonight. Enjoy!

Let's see if the guy who has more straw poll victories than anyone else in the field (scroll down to see head to head results), the most volunteers by far, larger crowds than any other GOP candidate, and the third most cash on hand in the entire field finally gets more airtime and more questions thrown his way. It is likely, however, that he will not get the time that a top three candidate deserves. When he does not, instead of getting angry, just donate money to his campaign, whether it be $25.00, $50.00, or more. It sends a much better message than getting angry and complaining about lack of time given to us by Fox News.

I am expecting Huckabee to get the "top-tier" minutes tonight that belong to RP. If this indeed happens, it will be very apparent that the "powers that be" are going to try and present Huckabee as the true "David" against a field of "Goliaths" and are going to do their best to propel him to the nomination. Huckabee has now started talking about the constitution and fiscal spending, but does not practice what he preaches. On his website, it shows that he has raised $170,000 for the month of October. Ron Paul raised $150,000 in 24 hours (bottom left graph). Of course, this means Huckabee is the one with the momentum and deserves more air time *sarcasm mode on*.

It is clear that other campaigns are realizing that people are responding to RP's message, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, only RP has the words, knowledge, actions, and record to back up what he has been saying for decades. I sincerely hope everybody will spread the word and tune in to watch tonight. Listen to all of them, and listen to your instinct of whether these people are selling you something like a used car salesman or whether they are speaking from the bottom of their heart and feel passionate about what they are saying and make a lot of sense. I, for one, will be observing the moderators, especially Wendell Goler, who horribly misstated one of Dr. Paul's positions as it relates to airport security. In another debate, Chris Wallace, one of the other moderators who will be featured tonight, asked RP is he was taking his "marching orders from Al Queda". Ron said "NO! I take my marching orders from the Constitution! (not captioned, but one can read the great summary from the site that explains everything in the clip)". If Dr. Paul seems a little tense or on-guard tonight, I wouldn't blame him, as he has been attacked virtually every time he has been on a Fox News Debate.