Saturday, October 6, 2007

Jack Cafferty on Ron Paul (Cafferty Files, CNN)

Many thanks to angelatc from ronpaulforums for captioning this video. I think this may be the best mainstream media clip on Dr. Paul shown thus far.

Ron Paul on Good Morning America (10/6/2007) (Thanks to Adam Weinberg)

"Don't Tread on Me" - Aravoth (Youtube)

One of the better Ron Paul videos out there on Youtube, courtesy of Aravoth and several wonderful Ron Paul supporters who volunteered their time and energies to get more videos subtitled for the deaf and hard of hearing communities.

A clip of Ron Paul at the Second GOP Debate by MunkyM3 (Youtube)

ABC News on Ron Paul 10/3/2007 (Thanks to Adam Weinberg)

Ron Paul on The Situation Room 10/4/2007

"Ron Paul Addresses Banking Hearing on Moral Hazard"

"When in the Course of Human Events" by Aravoth (Youtube)

Aravoth's wonderful film on Dr. Ron Paul is submitted for your viewing below:



My name is Dan, and I am a Deaf guy that grew up in Philadelphia, PA. I currently live in NE Florida in Palm Coast, and I wanted to take the opportunity to inform you all about a guy that I think would be a great president for this country, Dr. Ron Paul. I have been following Dr. Paul closely since May or June of 2007, because every time that I saw him, he seemed sincere in his beliefs and seemed to make a lot of sense. The more I looked into him, the more I liked. What frustrated me was that Dr. Paul was seemingly being marginalized by the mainstream media, who when they did not ignore him, seemed to be dismissing him as a "moonbat" and calling his supporters "spammers that live in their parents basements". I wanted deaf and hard of hearing people around the country and this world to get unrestricted access to Dr. Ron Paul and his message of freedom and liberty.

Thanks to the unbelievable efforts of some volunteer Ron Paul Supporters, several subtitled videos of Dr. Paul that were made on the internet or video captured on the news are now available for us. This is why I created this blog, and I hope people will frequent this site for updates whenever they happen. Information is the key to making informed decisions, and I hope one will view the videos with an open mind and see what Dr. Paul has to say.