Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Tea Party - December 16, 2007

This Sunday is December 16, a date that many Ron Paul supporters have been eagerly awaiting for weeks now. On November 5'th, Ron Paul supporters donated $4.2 million dollars to his campaign in a 24 hour span, all of it online, as part of a "money bomb". The money that was raised that day shocked EVERYBODY, including even the hardcore Ron Paul supporters, who were thinking the number would be between 1 and 2 million dollars. For December 16, we will be celebrating the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, which led to founding of this country.

I want to share this article written by Brian Bailey from The Paulunteer website with the readers of this blog about the Tea Party.

"Why December 16th Will Top $10 Million (December 13th, 2007)

Are you feeling as optimistic as I am about the Tea Party?

If you’re not, maybe you should be. Here are some reasons to get excited…

Polling at indicates that 1/3 of the total number of people who will donate on December 16th have not even pledged at

Personally, I think that even this representative number is conservative. The people who frequent The Paulunteer are actually more likely to sign up for daily email alerts about Ron Paul grassroots efforts than any other group of people: remember, they already get the newsletter each day. Think about how many other people are out there who will donate on Sunday but have not pledged at the website because it’s just not the sort of thing they like to do.

Consider that leading up to the November 5th donation drive 16,000 people pledged to donate and when the dust had settled 38,000 ended up being the total number of donors. Call it what you want- over a 100% increase, more than double, twice and then some- I call it staggering.

Clearly there is no way to draw a direct comparison between the two donation events but there is one thing that we can all agree was learned last time. A lot more people will donate than we think.

The question of course is, ‘How many more?’

Well, think about this. got a handful of mentions in the media in the week before the donation drive. has gotten many dozens.

We were an unproven commodity on November 4th.

On December 15th we will stand poised as the most successful and dominant peaceful political movement in history.

And how about each one of you? I bet you learned some lessons on November 5th and have thought of others since then. What new methods have you devised for reaching people this Sunday to let them know about the historic event taking place?

Whatever they are, I bet the results will be substantial.

While we’re at it, someone at Daily Paul made this observation regarding “There are over 100,000 unique donors to his site so far this quarter and every day 75% of donors are new. There is an unseen army of Paul supporters who aren’t even on the radar.”

It’s never good to bet on the weather, but I can tell you that this weekend is looking pretty unpleasant in the eastern half of the United States. Snow, rain, and sleet aplenty. Will ‘the perfect snowstorm’ keep people home and near their computers or televisions?

For these reasons and so many more, I think we should fully expect over 50,000 donors on December 16th.

Combine this with the fact that many supporters will see it as our last big chance and therefore donate significantly more than $100, and I think we have a beautiful picture coming into frame.

Finally, we have one last secret weapon that trumps all of the rest. We have the excitement and anticipation of knowing this is inevitable.

As I type this the countdown clocks that are plastered all over the internet are inexorably ticking down to 2 days.

2 days until the big one.

2 days until we prove all of the naysayers wrong.

2 days until we reach the day that will be like every Christmas, birthday, and New Year’s Eve we have ever known all rolled into one.

2 days until we rock the establishment and take back this country.

2 days until the tipping point.

2 days until the most important political event of our lives.

2 days, my friends.

2 days.

We will raise over $10,000,000 on December 16th, 2007."

If you appreciate Ron Paul's honesty and integrity, please consider donating on Sunday, December 16 at the Tea Party. I can almost certainly assure you that you will be a part of US history as one of the 75,000+ donors that contributed a total of roughly $10 million dollars in 24 hours, all of it online. We are going to shock the world once again and tell everybody that Ron Paul is here to stay, whether they like it or not, and that the Ron Paul Revolution is much larger than anyone not in the know truly comprehends.