Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ron Paul Republicans

Ladies and Gents, I apologize for the lack of action on this blog. I have been home for the holidays and it has been fairly busy and hectic here. However, this evening, I was able to put some time aside and provide my readers with a bunch of updates.

First off is a video I found by accident on DotSub that was made by B.J. Lawson of North Carolina. Mr. Lawson is running for Congress as a Ron Paul Republican in the state of North Carolina (4th district), and took the time and effort to caption two videos of speeches he made (one of which occured during a Ron Paul rally). For those of you in the North Carolina area, please take the time to check out Mr. Lawson's videos, which are posted below, and check out his website to see where he stands on issues affecting our country.

We will be seeing more and more Ron Paul Republicans popping up around the country running for office, and I would like to thank Mr. Lawson for being considerate of the deaf and hard of hearing communities by actively seeking to improve accessibility in the form of captioning the videos featured on his website. Kudos!