Monday, November 5, 2007

WOW! A historic day (and there are four hours to spare!)

I am writing this at 7:45 PM on Tuesday, November 5 th, 2007. Today is the day that the money bomb was going to go off, and it had been planned by grassroots supporters for about three weeks now. The goal was for 100,000 people to each donate $100 to Ron Paul for a total of $10 Million dollars in a single day. Many of us doubted that we would achieve that goal of $10 Million dollars, because only 17,500 people had signed up. It turns out that many of those people donated MORE than $100.00 and many, many other people chose not to sign up but donated anyway. On Ron's website at midnight, November 5 th, there was 2.7 Million dollars fundraised. As of 8 PM, 20 hours later, the count stands at 6.2 Million dollars! Essentially, 3.5 million dollars has been raised in 20 hours, and there are still 4 hours left, with the people who live on the west coast just returning home from work.

Thanks to Marcaeld from Youtube for submitting this video with captions! Yes, captions already embedded into the video! You saved me a bunch of work, Marcaeld, and it is much appreciated! If you watch the clip, notice how the mainstream media personalities continue to belittle Ron Paul by saying he is a long shot and trailing by significant margins in the polls. They also seem to doubt the results of the fundraising push, stating that they have to "wait" until the funds are verified. If this was Huckabee raising 3 million dollars in 20 hours, I seriously doubt that Wolf Blitzer and the other "journalist" would present the information the way they did here:

It is a time to celebrate in Ron Paul Nation, as we all now know beyond any shadow of a doubt whatsoever that WE ARE NOT ALONE!