Monday, October 22, 2007

Yesterday's Debate

The debate last night got my blood boiling, but RP hit grand slams on every pitch thrown his way, and won the text poll afterwards. His exchange with Sean Hannity was classic, and Hannity had to admit that either his poll was no good or that Ron was the winner. The following day, none of the major media outlets have mentioned a WORD of Ron Paul having won the Fox News debate, or even talked about him at all. Hmmm. MSNBC did post something on their First Read Blog, but it was a one paragraph blurb reporting that Paul was booed twice. The comments that follow the blurb go on and on, page after page. I hope you will read those comments to see the passion that these people have and understand that there is a sense of solidarity amongst Ron Paul supporters that is impossible to describe. Once you take the red pill, you never go back to seeing things the same way again.

At last count, there were 247 comments. If one looks at all of these comments, it seems like 95% of them are pro-Ron Paul. Some of my favorites included these gems:

"The booing reflects ignorance. Really, who wants to police the world? Who wants to spend billions overseas when we can spend that money here? Who still believes that Iraq has WMD and works with Al-Qaeda? We need to think logically and not emotionally. Ron Paul speaks the truth and the rational truth. For those who boo truth, that scares me... Vote Ron Paul 2008"

"Reading the posts, people aren't falling for the propaganda. America is waking up, and America loves Ron Paul. Grassroots all the way to the White House!"

"It is a sign of pure genius to get an audience to both boo and applaud at the same time. Revolutions are always met with this kind of reaction".

I've seen a few great quotes lately. One in particular that stands out is "Dr. Ron Paul cured my apathy!". That would apply to me, and probably many others like me reading this blog. I know people feel numbed down and defeated by this whole political process, but I have seen firsthand how amazing the Ron Paul Revolution is. This is already the greatest grassroots movement in US history, and when we're done, RP will be the 44'th President of the United States.

Here is awesome interactive video of yesterday's debate, where you can view the video and read the transcripts that scroll in sync with the video (thanks to the LRC blog).

Below are the times that Dr. Paul speaks:

15:30 - 17:30 - Ron Paul on gay marriage issues.

29:45 - 31:00 - Ron Paul on health care issues.

53:45- 55:30 - Ron Paul asked about differences between him and Senator Clinton on Iraq.

77:20 - 78:20 - Ron Paul on foreign policy issues.

80:00 - 81:45 - Ron Paul asked about whether the Republican party has lost its' way