Wednesday, October 10, 2007

University of Michigan

After the debate last night, Paul went to the University of Michigan, where a crowd had been waiting for him for over an hour in 45 degree weather. Between 2,000 to 2,500 people were there chanting his name and listening to him, and there is video up (no subtitles).

Last week at a rally in Tennessee, the place was standing room only, with 1,500 people. Approximately 100 people were turned away because it was packed. To get an idea of the crowd there, and the excitement there, check this out:


* Ron Paul has over 50,000 volunteers signed up at meetup groups across the country. At last count, the second place victor, Barack Obama, had 4,500 signed up. Hillary has maybe a thousand, while Fred and Rudy are easily under 500 members.

* In terms of straw polls, he has won or placed, sometimes by astounding margins of victory, in virtually every one of them, and yet the media does not report this.

* The military gave him more than any other candidate in the GOP in the second quarter, and from the buzz, a significant percentage of them LOVE him.

* He wins virtually every debate poll that goes out there, and then the network removes them, as I posted in my earlier blog entry.

* Everywhere you look, there are homemade Ron Paul posters, bumper stickers, and signs. Can you say that about any other candidate ? The man does not accept money from lobbyists.

With all those facts in mind, how in the WORLD can he only be polling at 2% to 6% in the national polls ? An article posted on Lew Rockwell that offers an explanation for this can be seen here. This was written back in July, and as more and more people heard his message, they spread the word to even more people. Yet, he continues to poll low on the national polls. Either the polls are outdated, or they are intentionally misleading.

At the debate last night, he was the only one of the candidates who had the expertise in economics, as he serves on the Financial Services Committee. He's the only one talking about getting rid of the income tax, and replacing it with nothing. That's right. You get to keep what you earn. If you think that it is impossible, just view "Stop Dreaming" and then do more research from there. He's also the only one who wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve, as they are the ones who print our money and devalue it further and further, so our savings depreciate over time and products cost more money. It is essentially a tax on the middle class and lower class, as he clearly explains in the "Moral Hazard" video in this blog. He was also the only candidate in the entire GOP who actually fundraised MORE money than he had in the previous quarter. With all of that, and general acceptance that he has by far the largest grassroots campaign in modern US history, it was stunning that CNBC gave him only 6 minutes to talk.

We must ask ourselves why this is. Then we must ask if we can trust the mainstream media and take their word for it. The revolution has begun a long time ago. Please look around you and figure out if any of the other candidates even remotely come close to offering the solutions that Paul is offering.

For every question you have, such as "But he'll cut social security!", "But he'll cut out the department of education", or "but he's pro-life", please do not make these assumptions. First, go ahead and check out his stances on various issues yourself at
, and read what he has to say. Then, look at his history and you will see he has been one of the more consistent and principled politicians there ever were.

To be fair, you should then use the same scrutiny you did towards him, and apply it to all the other candidates. I think it will be clear that only he, and Kucinich to a lesser extent, stand out as principled honest men who really want the best for this country. Isn't it time we stopped letting the media tell us how to vote or who to like ? The two party system is no longer working, and Ron Paul represents our last chance to unite together as a nation. Even people from around the world are watching us and rooting us on!