Friday, October 12, 2007

Ron Paulapalooza! - Orlando, Florida, October 21st, 2007

It's not everyday that one can witness American history happening, but Sunday, October 21, 2007 is one of these days. For those of you who are even mildly curious about this "strange Ron Paul phenomena" floating around, please go to this event so you can see for yourself what the revolution is all about!

From the Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Group:
When: Sunday, October 21, 2007, 2:00 PM to ??????


Wall Street Plaza/One Eyed Jacks
18 Wall Street Plaza Orlando, FL 32801


Umm, can you say Ron Paul Puallapallosa? What does it mean? Am I invited?

Orlando Welcomes Ron Paul to the Presidency IV Debate. We have finalized the particulars of the biggest GRASSROOTS rally ever held in honor of Dr. Paul. Sunday afternoon Oct. 21, all Ron Paul Supporters in the state of Florida are invited to come to Orlando and celebrate the next chapter of the REVOLUTION.

Come one, come all. We've all worked hard for the man that has taken on the mantle of Protector of our great Country. Now it's time to kick up our feet and DANCE to a NEW SONG. A song we, the Florida Meetup groups, will write and sing with GUSTO!

This event will dwarf ANYTHING the campaign has ever seen. We are a VICTORIOUS army that has earned the right to call the tune. Never doubt, my fellow countrymen, that on election day WE WILL WIN!

Location has been settled and secured. This will be the Official Unofficial Rally. We fully hope and expect that the good Doctor will make a house call, i.e. make a personal appearance before the assemble throng of supporters.

But this rally is for YOU! You did the work. You made the signs. You waved the signs. You handed out the literature. You made the telephone calls. You do get the picture, DON'T YOU??

We're going to have rock bands. We're going to have the keys to the city (well at least some of it;-) This is an all day and into the night celebration. We be JAMMIN' so leave your stuffed shirt at home. Bring the family, bring your friends this will be huge.

Then when night falls, we'll kick back and watch our CHAMPION... KICK out of Judy McRomney! Not on a little TV. We're talking BIG SCREENS for a BIG SCREAM!!!

Of course an extravaganza of this type won't be cheap. We're asking a $10 a head donation. You'll receive a coupon good for one free drink to get you 'in the mood.' And sure, we know that some have been giving all they can to the campaign. Bless you. If you can't honestly swing it, don't worry. We love you and would be hurt if you don't come because a measly 10 clams is a problem. So the rest of you it up once more for a brother or sister in need. 'Nuff said.

And now for the best part. After the expenses are covered, all profits will not go to the Orlando Meetup. Nor will it go to the Ron Paul 2008 National campaign. It's going to stay right here in FLORIDA and fund the Real Grassroots Meetup Revolution. You heard right. We will be dividing this treasure between all FLORIDA RON PAUL MEETUPS. Big or small. 10 members or 100 members. All have worked their hearts out. All will share in the glory. All will share in the proceeds.

As was mentioned earlier, some details remain to be finalized. But this has been a while in the making. We the grassroots are doing THIS ONE on our own. Let's show the big boys at National, that herding cats CAN BE DONE! Maybe then they will understand that WE MEAN TO WIN FLORIDA FOR OUR CHAMPION OF THE CONSTITUTION, DR. RON PAUL.

Name of the venue is One Eyed Jacks. This fashionable bar has an adjoining restaurant and plenty of outside tables too. Bands are being signed. Multiple front projector 7 foot screens assure us great viewing. Other entertainment is being lined up. Stay tuned.

Want to get out and stretch your legs? There is plenty to do with beautiful Lake Eola Park just one block away. It's majestic fountain located in the middle of a huge lake offers paddle Swan Boat rides

See you there!

Event fee:

USD10.00 per person