Monday, October 15, 2007

Florida Newspaper Article

In today's St. Petersburg Times, there was an article written on Dr. Paul. After reading it, I was almost dumbfounded by what passes for journalism theses days. I enjoyed reading the comments below the article critiquing the professionalism of the article. I felt like Mike Wagner from Florida spoke for everybody in Ron Paul Nation in defense of RP when he wrote to the Editor of the St. Petersburg Times and had this to say:

"To the editor, St. Petersburg Times,

I continue to be amazed at how out of touch the media are. Your front page article on Ron Paul contained so many half-truths and distortions that I don't know where to begin. You obviously cherry-picked your information to put a bad light on the most honest man in Congress. I found your article to be, in some ways, personally insulting. I got the sense that you do not respect me because I support Ron Paul.

Let's start with some real facts that your article did not mention at all. In the past few months there have been 36 straw polls conducted around the country. Ron Paul has finished in first place in 17 of those polls and in the top three 29 times. He has beaten "front runner" Giuliani 31 times. Of course, there was no mention of the straw polls in your article.

Your article mentioned the thousands of people who are organized through Meetup groups. You failed to mention that this group grows literally every day and there are now over 1000 groups with more than 55,000 members nationwide.

Your article failed to mention that of all the candidates of both parties, Ron Paul routinely draws the largest crowds.

Your article does mention the various gold medals that Ron Paul voted against, such as the medals for Rosa Parks and for Ronald Reagan. What it does not mention is the fact that Ron Paul offered to put up $100 of his own money for the medals if the other members of the House would do so. He got no takers. He voted against the bills because the Constitution does not authorize this spending, not, as your article stated because it is a "waste." Ron Paul regards this spending as illegal, not wasteful. If Congress spends the taxpayers' money in a manner not specifically authorized by the Constitution Congress is guilty of theft.

Your article implied that Dr. Paul wants to eliminate all taxes. This is not true. He has a plan to eliminate the federal personal income tax, but plans to retain corporate taxes, excises, imposts and duties that comprise two thirds of federal revenues.

Your article also stated "he supports re instituting the decades old policy of linking the dollar to gold and silver." This is not entirely accurate as his plan actually calls for competing currencies, some of which can be based on tangible assets such as gold. Your article completely ignored the very sound economic reasoning behind this plan. Your article failed to mention the fact that the paper money issued by the Federal Reserve system is the cause, not only of inflation, but also of our current credit crisis. Ron Paul's economic plan would eliminate inflation completely, allowing our savings to retain their value over time. It would be a tremendous benefit to those living on a fixed income. It would stop the current flow of wealth from the poor and the middle class to the rich.

Your article also failed to mention that, unlike any other presidential candidate, Ron Paul has a live ticker on his website that shows the running total of money raised month by month. No other candidate has the integrity and courage to be this open about his finances.

I have known Ron Paul personally for 20 years. I met him during his 1988 campaign. At that time I got to meet with him several times and had the opportunity to have lengthy one on one conversations with him. I have followed his career ever since including his service on the Gold Commission sponsored by the Reagan administration, and his recent terms in Congress. He is the author of several books and numerous articles on economics. I have found that he is probably the single most honest man in Congress. Lobbyists don't bother calling on him because they know they won't get any favors from him. He is also, far and away, the most knowledgeable man in Congress on economic issues, and has the best sense of history of anyone in Washington.

Your article mentioned some of the people who support Dr. Paul's candidacy and strongly implied that we are somehow different from most Americans. It failed to mention that there are retirees (like myself), professional people such as medical doctors, chiropractors and other health care practitioners, engineers, business owners, students, etc. Our own local group in St. Pete includes a former White House employee. There are people of every race, color and creed supporting Ron Paul. There are Republicans, Democrats and independents. We are your neighbors. Look around you. How many bumper stickers do you see for any other candidate in this area? I have seen none. Ron Paul is the only candidate in this area with any visible sign of support at all.

I invite you to attend the rally for Ron Paul in Orlando this coming Sunday, Oct 21. Meet with us, talk with us. Meet Dr. Paul and see for yourself the kind of man he is. You will find that he really is Hope for America.

Ron Paul for President
Hope for America
Be part of it."