Saturday, October 13, 2007

Article on ASL Interpeter Tom Kovach

Tom Kovach is the ASL interpreter that was on stage with Dr. Paul at the Tennessee Rally. He wrote an article about his experience, stating that "Dr. Paul is the only candidate of which I am aware that insisted on having an ASL interpreter at an event in Nashville. (There is a large Deaf community in this city. Liberals talk about caring for people with disabilities; but, Dr. Paul put his care into action.)". By the way, thanks to the LRC Blog for another shout out! Someone is working on the PBS videos and getting them captioned, so keep an eye out for more upcoming videos.

For the hearing bloggers out there who make youtube videos, it would be great if you could take an extra few minutes out of your day and add captions to the wonderful new movies you make within the grassroots campaign before releasing them out on the net. Check out an example of such a video (Cafferty Files), which was done via google and the srt function. Being able to toggle on/off the captioning for the video would be wonderful, because it would improve accessibility AND not hinder the enjoyment for those in the hearing world who find it distracting. It would be immensely appreciated beyond what words can express.